AEM-Parami Offers Variety of Free English Courses

The American English MyanmarParami University English Language Initiative program, in partnership with U.S. Embassy Rangoon and American Center Yangon, aims to provide English language courses best tailored to the specific needs of Myanmar youth. AEM-Parami English Language Initiative (ELI) Program is offering four different English language courses for the specific needs of academia and professional skill-building. AEM-Parami ELI major courses include English for Academic Purposes (EAP), English for Study Abroad (ESA), English for Professional Purposes (EPP), and English for Vocational Purposes (EVP). All of these courses will be free of charge. 

“We are trying to recruit diverse students across the nation so that we could provide equal learning opportunities for prospective students. The AEM-Parami University program believes in the power of diversity and values different perspectives that students will bring to the program. We ensure that inclusion is embraced in every work we do. Therefore, the recruitment process and admissions strategies of our program are also centered around those values that we greatly uphold.”

Thazin Nyein Kyaw, Director of AEM-Parami Program

The courses will be managed online through Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) to make the lessons more effective, engaging, and fun. There will be face-to-face Zoom classes with the program instructors twice a week. Program Instructors will utilize student-centered teaching strategies and other relevant educational theories inside the classrooms to fully support students with different learning modalities.

“AEM-Parami’s curriculum is dynamic because it prioritizes the needs of Myanmar students today. Our team built the course designs from what students and young professionals said they need now in the midst of pandemic and the current Myanmar situation to reach their goals. Our team of instructors is passionate about teaching and learning. It’s important that students are drivers of their own learning, and we aim to make classes engaging for every person present. The AEM-Parami team is a diverse group of people, with experience both in Myanmar and around the world.”

AEM-Parami Program Lead Instructor Mia Sasaki

AEM-Parami combines English learning and skill-building into courses for a unique educational experience based on student recommendations and needs. These courses aim to give students a chance to learn English through the hands-on, practical skills they need for their professional or academic careers.

A glimpse into AEM-Parami courses

English for Professional Purposes (EPP) is well-tailored for professionals who want to improve their English language skills while upgrading their professional skills. This course will allow students to: 

  • Improve English language skills
  • Explore best practices for managing projects
  • Organize meetings
  • Develop reports and more

English for the Workplace (E4W) is customized for people working in industries with cross-cultural interactions such as hospitality, tourism, sales, or customer services, where English communication skills are essential. This course will prepare students to: 

  • Develop English communications skills used in different situations such as placing an order, making a phone call, etc.
  • Acquire skills needed for holistic workplace environments
  • Boost confidence in customer service

English for Academic Purposes (EAP) will provide students step-by-step support and practice to improve English language essay writing skills. Students will be able to: 

  • Organize an essay and write logically for university
  • Create good thesis statements, find reliable sources, develop an essay structure, and use evidence
  • Plan and execute an essay with confidence

English for Study Abroad (ESA) is designed for anyone searching for university life and developing cross-cultural skills. This course helps students to:

  • Prepare for the cultural adjustment of living overseas while building their English
  • Reflect on their own course and career path and orient students to services that universities offer, including student life opportunities and more

About AEM-Parami English Language Initiative

Due to the political turmoil in early 2021, the public education system in Myanmar has been disrupted. Schools that have not been able to open continuously since the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in Myanmar in March 2020 are now further suspended due to the shortage of teachers and lack of security—affecting millions of students in the public education system. Alternative education opportunities have become more crucial than ever for the young people in Myanmar to continue their education. In late 2021, Parami University and the American English Myanmar have collaborated to provide continuing education opportunities with the belief that developing a tailored English language curriculum is a great way to empower youth and young professionals to pursue their further education and career opportunities.