Frequently Asked Questions

What is AEM-Parami?

AEM-Parami English Language Initiative (ELI), in partnership with U.S. Embassy Rangoon and American Center Yangon was jointly developed by American English Myanmar and Parami University. AEM-Parami aims to provide English language courses best tailored to the specific needs of Myanmar youth.

What are the available courses?

There are 4 courses: 

English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

English for Study Abroad (ESA)

English for Professional Purposes (EPP)

English for the Workplace (E4W)

Can you explain more about the courses?

To read full information of offered courses, click here

Are they online or in-person classes?

All classes are teaching online.

How much does it cost for each course?

All courses are free of charge.

What is the age requirement for the Program?

16 years and above for EAP and ESA

18 years and above for EPP and E4W

Will you provide the certificate?

Certificates will be awarded upon completion and passing of the course. For more requirements for passing the course, please reference your course’s given syllabi.

What does the Admissions process look like?

  • Applicant submits the application form
  • Applicant takes the placement test
  • Applicant sends a video record or participates in a personal interview 
  • AEM-Parami informs final decision to the applicants
  • AEM-Parami admits students who confirms their participation in the program

What is the placement test for?

The placement test is not the crucial and only factor for admissions. It is only to assess the language level of the students in order to later support student needs in the classroom.

What do students need to do to confirm their acceptance and participation in the program?

  • Fill out student commitment form and submit it
  • Participate in orientation

Who are the target groups?

The groups are varied:

  • Students who are planning to study abroad need to prepare for the cultural adjustment of overseas education and communication differences
  • Scholars and institute students who require a high level of language skills to be effective in academic reading, writing and presenting skills
  • Young professionals in fields such as development, journalism and law who require career-oriented language skills for program design and management
  • Those working in vocations who need to upskill in customer service for international clients

How long is the course duration?

Duration of each class is 36 hours (12 weeks)

What is the class schedule?

Class schedule for each term can be varied. It will be announced at AEM Facebook page and website. Generally, there will be 2 classes per week, and each class last for 1hour & 30 minutes.

Can applicants choose their desired session?

As the program wants to have gender balance and value diversity, the selected student will be assigned to a suitable time slot.

When will be the next term?

We will update the details information regarding the AEM-Parami ELI program’s Term-3 ‌admissions on the American English Myanmar Facebook page. So, please stay tuned!