How far we have come

It has been six months since the AEM-Parami English Language Initiative Program started its journey to support the youths of Myanmar for their language learning opportunity. We believe this program can open further education and career opportunities for them to broaden their horizons. This program is offered in partnership with the U.S. Embassy Rangoon, the American Center Yangon, and American English Myanmar. This program will not be possible without the generous support of the Embassy of the United States in Rangoon, Myanmar.

AEM-Parami English Language Initiative is a one-of-a-kind program because it offers English for Specific Purposes (ESP) courses. (ESP) courses are especially designed for second or foreign language students already in the work force, with a focus on the vocabulary and skills they need to succeed in the workplace.

We are offering four different courses; English for Professional Purposes (EPP), English for the Workplace (E4W), English for Study Abroad (ESA), and English for Academic Purposes (EAP). All the courses are free of charge and are delivered fully online. For Year 1, we have opened three terms. We have received thousands of applications in each term in which applicants are diverse students from different regions of the country.

In Term-1, two courses; English for Professional Purposes (EPP), and English for the Workplace (E4W) were open. We could admit two hundred twenty-two students for both courses. In Term-2, we opened all four courses and offered seats to two hundred and forty students. We are currently opening two courses in Term-3: English for Professional Purposes (EPP) and English for the Workplace (E4W).

AEM-Parami English Language Initiative program is quite competitive. Though we are receiving thousands of applications, we could offer very limited seats in each term to ensure a quality learning experience for each student.

We acknowledge the enthusiasm of students who are very committed to their continuous learning during this difficult time, such as interference from the power outage and unstable internet connection. Furthermore, the admissions and student affairs team are always monitoring and taking care of students’ well-being related to their learning journey starting from the application stage to the awarding of the certificates.

Heartfelt thanks to applicants who have applied for the program, went through the selection process, and students who have completed their admitted courses. We, AEM-Parami English Language Initiative program, will continue to open upcoming terms to empower the youths of Myanmar with the much-needed language and 21st-century skills to innovate for a better tomorrow.