One Year of AEM-Parami English Language Initiative

AEM-Parami English Language Initiative program began in September 2021 and successfully completed Year-1 in August 2022. Throughout Year-1, we offered four different English language courses for specific use; English for the Workplace (E4W), English for Professional Purposes (EPP), English for Academic Purposes (EAP) and English for Study Abroad (ESA). Over three terms, we admitted nearly five hundred students from diverse backgrounds.

In order to reach broader English Language Learners from the public without the admission process, we also delivered two program activities such as informal conversation classes and public webinars.

Check English Language Initiative program Year-1 brief data in the graphic below.

Data infographic of the Year-1

With our vision to provide language development and alternative learning opportunities for Myanmar students, AEM-Parami will continue to support your English language growth through academic and professional skill building.