A startling event in my childhood

   Do you think something you never expected will happen in your life? For me, I never thought that kind of thing would happen in my life. However, it did happen to me in my childhood. When I was young, I was a curious, slapdash and stubborn girl. I used to do whatever I liked sneakily without my parents’ permission. So, my mother said, ”if you continue doing crazy things such as playing with matches, climbing trees and playing around the bushes which your dad and I prohibited, you will get into trouble one day.”

     “The ways I play are not dangerous at all. Why are they talking and warning me all the time not to play like this again?” I murmured. On the other hand, I believed that the trouble they said would never happen to me. Like other children in my neighborhood, I was terribly fond of “playing”, which is fun and enjoyable. I also liked watching “discovery” very much, which is a program about wildlife, since I was an inquisitive girl. It was a very exciting and entertaining program for me at that time.

     It was on the next day after the rain fell heavily; everything was green and beautiful. Flowers were also blooming. I thought it was the best time for plucking some flowers in the yard and playing around the bushes. So, I went outside the house stealthily. There were many frangipani flowers blooming in the tree, but I couldn’t reach out to them because the tree was so high. But luckily, I saw a flower hanging in a bush from a distance. It was too difficult for me to get it because I was short.

     While I was trying to get  this flower seriously, I heard “shaw, shaw” and felt a sharp pain in my forefinger suddenly. What I realized was I had got a snake bite. I had no idea what would happen next. Tears were dropping out of my eyes. Oh, no! “I mustn’t die,” I talked to myself. There were drops of blood over my dress and on the ground. So, I cried out and called my mom. “Mum, a snake bit me. Please send me to the hospital as soon as possible. I won’t do that again,” I said. My mom was also shocked when she saw my blood running over my finger.

     I was subconscious at that time due to the sense of getting bitten by a snake. Finally, I got to the hospital with my parents’ help. When the doctor checked my injury, he confirmed that I was not bitten by a snake because my injury was bleeding excessively. He said, “You may hurt your finger with broken glasses or something sharp.” How lucky I was! After I had got treatment, I went back home safely.

     The reason why I thought I was bitten by a snake was somewhat related to the discovery channel in which I heard the sounds ”shaw…shaw” from snakes. In fact, I did watch it before I went to the yard to pick some flowers, and that caused illusions about my injury. That was a frightening experience for me. From that day on, I never do those kinds of crazy things which my parents don’t like. And I completely understand that if I want to do something, I must ask for their permission or let them know before I do it. Now I have realized that it is never wrong to follow my parents’ words to the letter.

This narrative essay is written by Scarlett, student of AEM-Parami English Language Initiative.

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