About Us

Looking to hone your customer service skills or learn more about the project management cycle for report writing? Or are you aiming to improve your academic writing skills? Perhaps you want to grow your cultural competence in order to study overseas.

If you answered yes to any of those questions, AEM-Parami English Language Initiative (AEMP) is designed for you. Learn more about the four English courses AEMP offers for study abroad preparation, academic writing, professional development and vocational skills. Or if you are looking for seminars or informal English conversation practice, check out our public programming and upcoming calendar of events.

AEMP works to empower you and other leaders with the needed language and 21st century skills to innovate for a better tomorrow.

Vision and Mission

Our goal is to support your English language learning, because this opens further education and career opportunities for you.

AEM-Parami English Language Initiative was developed jointly by the American Embassy of Yangon and Parami University in 2021. Our mission is clear: To provide language development and alternative learning for Myanmar students pursuing further academic and career goals.

Our program supports your English language growth through academic and professional skill building. Whichever educational path is yours, AEM-Parami provides programs tailored to meet your learning goals.