Asynchronous Courses

To provide asynchronous learning for English Language Learners in broad terms, AEM-Parami has curated self-paced learning courses for all the courses which are currently offered at AEM-Parami. These self-paced online courses were created to help students and working adults who want to improve their English language skills. These courses allow you to learn at your own time and pace.

The first of four courses, English for Academic Purposes (EAP), is live and we will gradually roll out other courses.

These Moodle courses are open for public free, but to enable tracking course progress and participation, you will need to create an account in our Moodle learning management system.

Image: Moodle Login page

After sign-up by filling in some basic information: name, email address, etc., you can enroll by yourself in the course and start learning. Before you commit to enrolling in AEM-Parami self-paced courses, you are encouraged to check the login and enrollment information.

More information on Moodle for Public Access

There are four courses that are available on Moodle for the Public. These courses were adapted from currently offering courses at AEM-Parami (English Language Initiative).

Each course is made up of 12 Unit contents. Each unit includes lesson objectives, 10-15 minutes long pre-recorded instructional videos, Lesson PowerPoints, and end-of-unit quiz sections for the enrolled students.

These Moodle courses for the public are ideal for those who did not get into the program, who dropped out of the course for many reasons, and who would like to learn English for Specific Purposes in structured course content. These self-paced asynchronous courses will help the students supplement their language needs on their own time. These Moodle courses shall remain as legacy programs of AEM-Parami.

Number of User Capacity

AEMP Moodle platform can host thousands of students and 500 concurrent users at the same time. However, AEMP limits students to access the course for 3 months, and therefore, new users can enroll to access the course.

Method of Enrollment

Any interested English Language learners can create an account with their emails to get access to these courses.

AEM-Parami Courses License Information

All the course contents created in this Moodle platform are currently licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. This license means that these materials cannot be used for paid English classes.