Public Programs

Informal Conversation Classes: What to expect; link to Calendar

Are you wanting to practice English conversation skills and have some fun while you are at it?

Sign up for an informal conversation class for an hour-and-a-half of interaction with other English learners. The goal of the time is to discuss an engaging topic with other English learners. For those who have limited time and can’t commit to a full course semester, an informal conversation class could be just right for your schedule.

Open Public Webinars: What to expect; link to Calendar

AEM-Parami will be offering the public webinar every two weeks. Topics will cover a wide diversity of interests, from job application support to English language tips for going on a date to calming practices for when you’re feeling stressed. We hope that in offering these free seminars to the public, we can better connect you to experts on topics that you want to learn more about. Looking for a seminar topic? Suggest potential future ideas to us here. {Link to be inserted}