Short, but Eternal

     Love is the answer to what the most beautiful sensation of experiencing a life is. Love encourages us to spread the sparks of benevolence to each other and hence it is the motive to be resilient amidst the vicissitudes of life. We can be attached to different bonds throughout our life, and it is magnificent when a fluffy hand becomes the root of our happiness.

     I can still imagine how happy I was to kneel down under his wary eyes. He, the possessor of my throne, came into my life with a scratch to my hand. Brownie has made my heart scream loudly since we first met. Little did I know he would have later taught me what a good companion means. He was more than a fluffy friend. My enchanting boy wiped out my distress by opening his arms to me whenever I needed it. There were enigmatic signals between us which could tie our bond immensely.

     I became fulfilled by raising and watching him grow. I took it for granted that nothing could  grab him away from me. Forgetting that nature never fails to conduct its duty and so do his instincts of being a curious and aggressive feline, I did not prepare my mind to encounter his changes.

     After spending two winters together, he turned out to be a chubby brown cat and announced his revolt against my custody. His rebellious mind led him to become a wanderer, then our home became blurred in his mind eventually. The dawns awaited me to nurse his bruises and wounds. After seeing him letting out his rage and despair, I asked him, “Don’t you think it is not worth being that curious?”. His stubbornness, nevertheless, kept him taking risks in his life.

     Then, I could share what a suffering of grief is. A wave of misfortune hit him, and it has been two years since I could not see his glad eyes. My heart aches and is still bleeding whenever I think of him and  how he would have been treated terribly in the wrong hands.

     It is miserable to realise that I would not have the chance to see his face again. Nonetheless, there can be nothing to stop me from reminiscing our good old memories, which could keep him alive in my soul eternally, especially rewinding how happy he was to explore the vast world with a liberated soul when I untied him. It is my timeless love which can resist the law of impermanence.

This narrative essay is written by Thae Su Aye, student of AEM-Parami English Language Initiative.