Student services

AEM-Parami students have access to a variety of online resources and student support services.

Student support services

Student advising: Admissions/Edtech/Lead Instructor for AEM programs

As a student at AEM-Parami, you have access to not only online resources but also the AEM-Parami student support team. If you are looking for help with the learning platforms, please contact []. If you have questions regarding the admissions process or other needs, please reach out to []. If you are looking for academic support or advising, please reach out to the Program Lead Instructor at

Possibly alumni program for mentoring (applications, study abroad, etc.)

AEM-Parami is a lean team that wants to do all it can to support students. If you have an idea of how we can meet more student needs, please let us know! We are trying to develop a strong mentorship base from Parami alumni. If you have professional or academic experience and would like to mentor the next generation of leaders, please reach out to us. [Click Here]